Where do I order?

Instead of paying online, can I pay cash when you deliver?

  • Unfortunately, no. I make the cleanse just for you and require a preorder since I am delivering to your home.
What cleanse should I order?
  • Check out the different options and see what speaks to you. Personally, my favorite is a 5 Day Partial Field of Greens Cleanse because it is fruit-free and allows me to be active and social.

How long are the juices good for?

  • They are good for one week from when they were delivered, unless otherwise posted.

Can I freeze them?

  • You technically can freeze them but doing so will kill the nutrients that make my raw, cold-pressed juice superior to what you find at the grocery store.


How do I cleanse?

  • I have included instructions for the Partial & Full Cleanse on each of their ordering pages. However, the juices are labeled - you will drink all of the “1’s” on Day 1, all of the “2’s” on Day 2, and so on.

What order do I drink them in?

  • Any order. This is where I hope that you listen to your body and find out which one your body is wanting the most and trust that intuition.


Where do you deliver?

  • 98022, 98038, 98010, 98321, 98025, 98042, 98396, 98323, 98360, 98385, 98391, 98372, 98371, 98373, 98374, 98354, 98424, 98001, 98003, 98023, 98063, 98093, 98030, 98071, 98092, 98352, 98390, 98402, 98403, 98404, 98406, 98504, 98445, 98051

I am outside of your delivery area, can I meet you somewhere?

  • Unfortunately, no. While delivering, we give a broad timeframe of when you can expect us to deliver and the option of leaving a cooler outside, if you aren’t going to be home. We do this to give ourselves grace and set a realistic expectation. It is unfortunately not realistic for us to meet somewhere at a specific time, which means you would probably be waiting for us. I am always working on ways to serve my raw, cold-pressed juice to more people. Please follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter so you are the first to know when Grass & Root is available in your area.

What time will you deliver my juice?

  • From 10am to 7pm on the date you select at checkout

What if I’m not home when you deliver?

  • Leave a cooler on your front porch with ice in it and we will drop your cleanse off for you.