Nickname: I usually just go by Kenz or Kenzie

Hobbies: I like to swim and play water polo for Enumclaw High School. I also enjoy hiking and camping. Pretty much ANYTHING outdoors or on the water

Favorite juice to drink: Beetsmode!!! Always. That is my favorite for sure.

Favorite juice to make: The Watermelon, its fun to juice watermelons!

Favorite thing about working for Grass & Root: I LOVE working with Sara & Katie, they make it so so much fun to be in the ktichen. We always jam out to some awesome tunes and have a great time together.

Are you ready to drive the truck: Probably not. Maybe with assistance? I am a new driver so that might be a little scary. 


Nickname: Katie Kat, Katie Cakes, KB, Georgie, 

Hobbies: I love working out whether it be hiking, going for a walk, or lifting heavy weights. I also love photography, practicing yoga and just started to paint a little here and there. Also I really enjoy snowboarding and being up in the mountains. I'm super rusty on the snowboard but love the cold air and the rad people that come with it. Also I just like to mess around with buddies throwing the frisbee or playing backyard games. I'm up for anything and everything.

Favorite juice to drink: roaring orange😻🍊

Favorite juice to make: beetsmode because it's colorful and pleasant to look at. 

Favorite thing about working at Grass& Root: I love my boss and the environment she sets for work. It's comfortable and really chill but we get shit done. Productivity is high because we can really be ourselves and everything flows when you are yourself. Plus it's fun working with a boss with a similar outlook on life as you do! Also learning the way juicing works and all its benefits has been a learning experience for me. 

Are you ready to drive the truck?  Oh F%$k yeah, I love operating large trucks. Makes me feel like a bad beotch